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Freelance Marketplace - https://onechoice.no

Published on: January 06, 2021 | Category: News & Infos | Author: Admin

Are you looking for ways to work as a freelancer and to establish long-term relationships with clients throughout the world? Or perhaps you are an employer or a business owner who wants to get their projects completed at a cheaper rate? Well, what you need is a next-gen freelance platform that seamlessly connects buyers with talented freelance professionals.

Due to an increased adaptation to technology, the world of freelancing is expanding very rapidly. More and more people are now deciding to work from the comfort of their homes because freelancing offers tons of opportunities for them. They can now easily showcase their skills and secure clients from any part of the world. And if we look at the other side, employers also find this model quite hassle-free and productive. They can look for highly competent individuals located anywhere in the world to be their virtual assistant and get their jobs done in a very short span of time.

And since freelancing offers plenty of benefits, an increasing number of regular employees are quitting their day jobs to move into the freelance sphere. With that, the requirements of businesses and freelance contractors are also increasing due to the higher competition.

Today, there are several freelance platforms set in place. Unfortunately, not all freelance platforms efficiently meet the growing expectations of businesses. However, onechoice.no is a comparatively new freelance platform that is succeeding at meeting all demands.

In this article, we shed some light on the onechoice.no freelance platform and discuss what makes it stand out. With that, we also explain how it works. So ultimately, you can find affordable freelancers for your business right away and get your operations rolling!

What is OneChoice.no?

onechoice.no is a new freelance platform that talented professionals can offer a wide range of services. This platform covers nearly every freelance category. So, it is suitable for people with a diverse number of skills.

The services that prospective clients can find on this platform include:

  •  Graphics and design
  • · Digital marketing
  • · Writing and translation
  • · Programming and tech
  • · Video and animation
  • · Fun and lifestyle
  • · Business
  • · Music and audio

Whether you are a graphic designer, web and software developer, a writer or an editor, or someone who would like to extend their services for voice-overs or video creation, come and join the club. On the other hand, if you are an employer or a business owner looking to get a job done, this is the perfect opportunity to find a highly competent freelancer.

Further within the above-mentioned categories, you can find plenty of other sub-categories. For instance, if you are specifically looking for a designer who can make business cards for your business, you’ll find that in a sub-category within the graphics & design category. So, the range of work that you can get done at lil.so is endless. Now you may wonder, what is in it for businesses? As in, why should you hire freelance services at the onechoice.no platform? Hop to the next section!

Benefits of Hiring Professional Sellers at OneChoice.no

As a business owner, it is crucial for you to have a consistent team on your side. However, hiring an in-house team can not only be expensive, but it can also be a big liability for you. There are many cloud apps where you can now easily interact and communicate with your team members and get a project completed. So, there is no need to hire people physically and manage them when you have the option of getting it done remotely.

In comparison to a physical workplace, hiring freelance services at onechoice.no could give you the following benefits:


Hiring freelance professional services at onechoice.no allows you to find the right expertise. Whether you are looking for a short-term service or a long-term one, as a buyer, you are free to decide your terms.

Along with that, you may also find freelancers at any chosen rate. For instance, if you have a limited budget, you may look for a seller who is willing to work at your specified rate. Clients and businesses are not able to work with such flexibility with in-house employees.

Lesser risk

Well, freelancers are technically not your employees. You pay them, and they get your work done. Though, businesses often choose to develop a long-term relationship with the right freelancers.

So, when you hire sellers at Jobbhare.no, you are not legally bound in any way. In comparison, in-house employees keep businesses on the hook.

More savings

On platforms like onechoice.no, businesses can easily hire freelancers within their budget. For instance, let's suppose that you are looking for freelance SEO services but your budget is small. In this case, you as a buyer have the liberty to choose a seller who is willing to work within your budget. Another added benefit is that as a business owner, you will not have to manage space for in-house employees. In fact, many businesses solely work on a remote model without any physical office space. And they seem to thrive just as well.

This could save many day-to-day operating costs. But of course, that would also depend on the nature of your business.

Lesser responsibilities

Well, hiring freelancers at onechoice.no simply results in reduced responsibilities on your shoulder. For instance, you will not have to spend your energy on resolving issues among colleagues. Furthermore, constant supervision on-site will not be a headache anymore.

If you choose the right contractor offering freelance marketing services, for instance, your project will flow very smoothly and seamlessly. Since the seller will not have to travel long-distances to-and-back-from the workplace, their productivity will remain higher too. So, it is a win-win scenario for both sides.

Higher quality

Of course, with higher productivity, comes higher quality. When it comes to the world of freelancing, nurturing and building relationships is the most important thing. Business owners and buyers who focus on the relationship aspect tend to receive higher quality work from the sellers.

Furthermore, since sellers on onechoice.no rely on repeat work from clients, they are always motivated to deliver nothing but the best. It might not be the case with employees who have a sense of job security and hence, a lesser drive to give a higher output.

Global reach

Lastly, due to certain requirements, businesses often feel the need to hire labour from various parts of the world. And Jobbhare.no makes that possible for you by connecting you with countless sellers from all over the globe.

This allows you to choose the best talent for different tasks, that could either be a one-time thing or a long-term collaboration based on your requirements. This is also one of the major reasons that businesses that rely on a freelance model tend to have better results with higher output.

Today, freelancers offer their services at competitive rates because there is a lot of saturation in this sector. So, it goes in the favor of an employer to hire people remotely instead of relying on a physical workforce to complete projects.

Let's now look at how Jobbhare.no works and what does it offer to freelancers and employers.

How Does OneChoice.no Work?

The process of getting started at onechoice.no is very simple. To get started as a buyer, you shall visit the main page and click on the 'become a seller' button near the top right corner of the main desktop page. After that, you will be prompted to fill in your credentials. Just enter your information and register for a new account. After confirmation of your email, you may log-in and start looking for a freelancer.

Now, the process of finding a seller is also quite straight-forward. Simply search what you’re looking for in the search tab, and an array of sellers will pop up. At onechoice.no, buyers have the liberty to review and compare the portfolio, price, delivery time, recommendations, and ratings of different buyers.

From here, buyers can also contact the freelancer directly, or send them the project request right-away. Furthermore, if you do not find what you're looking for, you may as well post a request, and the relevant sellers will contact you.

Then, just exchange the feedback and work-related files with the freelancer. The built-in messenger makes it easy for both ends to make such transactions. Furthermore, if you feel like the work is not up to the mark or requires adjustments, you may also request modifications. Finally, when you’re fully satisfied with the results, pay your freelancer and leave honest feedback about your experience with the freelancer.

What Makes OneChoice.no Different?

Onechoice.no is a new freelance marketplace that is geared towards connecting the best talent with buyers. Here, you may find freelancers at a cheaper rate if you wish to, or a higher rate depending on your budget and project requirements. You have the flexibility to set the terms and to choose. Since it's new, not many freelancers have joined it yet. But those who have are highly competent and quite hardworking. They have either migrated from popular freelance sites or have joined as fresh talent.

Furthermore, onechoice.no covers very broad categories. This means that buyers may be able to get a range of services under a single roof. So, juggling between different platforms will not be necessary. Rather, all of it can be managed through the same account. The site is quite easy to use and is intuitive for both employers and freelancers so you are not going to face any difficulty at all.

Onechoice.no is available for people from all countries. This is another great advantage because many freelancing sites offer work to people living either in the USA or the UK only. You can easily get registered by creating a username and password and then complete your profile according to your skills, educational background, and experience. With that, the intuitive design of Jobbhare.no further makes it easy for buyers to quickly get the freelance business services that they require.

What’s in it For the Sellers?

The onechoice.no freelance platform also makes it incredibly easy for sellers (both new and old) to find buyers that are willing to pay for a service. Unlike other platforms, Onechoice.no streamlines the buyer-seller relationship and makes the process extremely transparent for both ends. You might already be familiar with how gigs work but it is always a good idea to expand your opportunities and reach out to more clients. This can be easily achieved when you sign up at onechoice.no and make a profile.

If you are already working as a freelancer, it won't take you long to find jobs according to your skills. However, if you are new to this market, you will have lots of guides and tutorials to make it work!

This way, highly motivated freelancers at onechoice.no prefer to stick with the platform as they are able to make a consistent earning. And of course, this, in turn, generates more value for the buyers, who are able to find the relevant talent via just a few clicks.

So, are you ready to take the next leap and expand your freelancing career?


The world of freelancing is expanding at a record pace since more and more people are joining this workforce and making a living from the comfort of their homes. However, finding the right kind of job is not always easy. With so many freelancing sites and saturation in almost every other field, there are many difficulties for beginners especially.

Onechoice.no is a new platform where people can find a multitude of freelance professional services. It aims to transform the world of freelancing, by making it easy for buyers and sellers to nurture a professional relationship. And the ease of use along with a results-oriented design is what makes lil.so stand out in comparison to other platforms.

All in all, onechoice.no is the better option for your business, as it takes all your useless headache away and replaces that with a sense of security.

So, what are you waiting for? Get registered at the onechoice.no platform today and find the right talent for your projects.


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