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Tips for sellers

Selling on OneChoice.no

Whether you are a graphic designer, programmer, content writer, translator, or voice over artist, Intmint has a place for you. We are on our way to becoming the best freelancing platform in Noreay, USA, UK, Australia or rest of the world don't miss the opportunity of becoming one of the best sellers on Intmint. It's simple, free and easy to start selling your services on Intmint! Why not get started today with Intmint?

How to Create a Seller profile in OneChoice.no

First, you will need to create a seller profile in intmint. Your profile is how you present yourself to the community. You are encouraged to present yourself in a professional manner. Yes,it's very simple. To create a great profile you can do it in the following simple steps:

1. From your user dashboard click settings, next go to profile settings.

2. Fill in all the details including your city, language, profile photo, great headline, and a full description of yourself and what you do.

3. From your dashboard or from your account drop-down, click My profile and add all your skills and languages. (Note: there are existing skills and you can put custom skills if you can't find your skills)

4. Now you can start creating your services and you are good to go.

How to Create your Services in OneChoice.no

Creating your Service is an opportunity to show off your talent and provide buyers with all the information they need to help them decide to do business with you. Creating a great service will attract and bring more traffic to view your service. You can create a great service in the following simple steps:

1. You can Upload a quality picture or video that perfectly describes your service in Intmint.

2. You may Describe your service in detail in Intmint and mention some reasons why people should buy your service.

3. You can Create packages with different prices in Intmint to suit all budgets and state clearly what they will get in all packages.

4. You can create service extras so that buyers can have an option to add more features/work for a certain price in Intmint. This helps you maximize your revenue through Intmint.

5. Create an affiliate link/referral link offering a % on your service to everyone who refers someone to buy your service in Intmint. This will bring you more customers to Intmint.

6. Feature your service so that it appears on the home page or on top of the search results. This gives you a great chance to get more sales to Intmint.

Sending custom Offers in OneChoice.no:

Sending Offers allows you to be proactive and offer your services to potential buyers in a customized manner. You can talk with a buyer and agree on specific terms, that's when you can also send a custom offer to the buyer. On your home page will appear buyer requests related your services (buyers will be requesting specific services) and you can also send custom offers on requested services

Tips for Success in OneChoice.no

After delivering the work to a buyer, The buyer can also send you a tip (any amount) if they are happy with your work. Tips will increase your net revenue and in order to get many tips you have to treat your buyers with care and do the work very well.

Revenue Withdrawal from OneChoice.no:

On every service that you sell, the buyer pays up front and we hold the payment until you deliver the work as agreed. If the buyer is satisfied with your work delivery he can accept the work and instantly your money will be credited to your Intmint account. Once you receive the money you can only withdraw it to your PayPal, or Strips account after 24 hours. (we have 24 hours of pending clearance for security reasons)

How to withdraw Money from OneChoice.no:

They are 2 way that you can withdraw your money to your accounts that are:

1. Strips withdrawal - This is the fastest way for you to receive your funds, you will receive your funds within an hour after your withdrawal request. No, any charges apply when you withdraw to your Strips account. This is the most recommended way to withdraw your funds without inconveniences

2. PayPal withdrawal - you can withdraw your funds to your PayPal account. Some charges will apply according to our terms of service and you will receive your funds within a day after your withdrawal request.

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